Never done anything before? Unsure if you are fit enough or flexable enough to start? Can BJJ be trained live and safely? Why is BJJ different?

I have never done any martial arts before, what classes can I attend?

One of the most common FAQ, we have a special Fundamentals Programme that is tailored to the needs of beginners.  It’s a 16-week course that teaches the fundamental movements of BJJ, from self-defence to sport Jiu Jitsu.  If you want to learn the art of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu then this course is for you! You will have the opportunity to learn at your own pace and train at your own pace. With monitored open mats we always have a certified instructor looking after the room, you will be able to live spar and apply what you learn in class in a controlled safe environment.  We provide a free trail but for more information in the meantime, and a full breakdown of the benefits of our Fundamentals Programme, click here.


No! We have beginners from all walks of life and fitness levels, and you will learn and get fit at your own pace. The beautiful thing about BJJ is you will gradually find your fitness levels improving week by week, along with your technique. Your flexibility will come from the gentle stretching we do before and after classes and even through the actual movements of Jiu-Jitsu itself.


You don’t need a Gi initially as the techniques are easily adapted for no-gi training, therefore shorts and a t-shirt is fine to start with. If you’re going to stick at it though, you will need a gi. To get the full benefit from BJJ you will need clothing that will take the wear and tear of daily or weekly training. We provide a different range of Gracie Barra’s own premium line GI’s from Adidas to Storm, both Gi and No-Gi apparel, we will have everything you need to get started on your Jiu-Jitsu journey


After your 14 Day Free trial, and you are happy enough to start with us you will enter into our Fundamentals GB1 programme. At £50 per month this includes all Fundamentals classes with no limit to how many you can attend, all Barra Fit classes and all No-Gi classes. This is over 50+ classes a month you can attend. With a rolling 1 month Contract you are never tied down, like all gyms all we ask is 1 months notice if you ever need to leave.  Training fees are paid by direct debit on the 1st of every month unless you would like to state otherwise.  For more details contact us.  or check our Membership section.


As of 2014 GB Belfast’s head coach and Gracie Barra’s Regional coordinator Graham Keys , opened Belfast’s first full time BJJ Academy just off the Castlereagh Road.
There is Free Parking on site and a 5a bus route only a 2 minute walk away that will take you directly to or from the city centre in 10 minutes. Just look for the Post Office half way down Prince Regents Road and go into the Business park infront. We are behind Exotic Aquatics.


Gracie Barra is a world-wide organisation which has pioneered Brazilian Jiu Jitsu since 1986. Master Carlos Gracie Junior opened his first academy in the district of Barra in Rio De Janeiro and has since been spreading the principles of the Jiu Jitsu ethos across the globe. Now with over 800 schools and one hundred thousand students worldwide, the Belfast academy is the only Gracie Barra school in Northern Ireland, and the 2nd oldest in the UK and Ireland. To find out more about the Gracie Barra Organisation click here.


What sets BJJ aside from other martial arts is the ability and application to train and put into practice what we teach and learn everyday on live resisting opponents, but walk away completely injury free! How can you know if something works if you don’t try it for real? We offer the realism of actual fighting and control while minimising the risk of injury to ourselves and our training partners. We wear the Gi’s to simulate real clothing (when was the last time you left your house in Belfast without a coat?) while having the durability to last through the training. Above all you will meet new people, get fit and gain self confidence in knowing that what you train can be applied in outside daily life. With our 2 week free you have literally nothing to lose and everything to gain!


Welcome to Gracie Barra Northern Ireland, the only official Gracie Barra Brazilian Jiu Jitsu club in Northern Ireland and the largest and most successful BJJ club in Belfast.

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